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Standing Out Professionally on Social Media

February 8, 2016 by

Looking to stand out in your profession? Want to make good impressions with your boss or job recruiters?  If you want to advance your career, a great way to up your game is by becoming proficient with social media.    Check out the following helpful tips to propel you and your career to the next level.

Toot Your Own Horn

Don’t be afraid to post your achievements on several social media boards. Update your LinkedIn profile to grab the attention of potential job recruiters. Network with your friends and colleagues by updating your status on Twitter and Facebook.  Display on Instagram your most recent Appreciation Awards.

Decide Which Social Media Best Suits You

Be aware of which media site is best suited for enhancing you and your career. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram may be better for showcasing creative aspects of your profession. By posting your images, potential employers or recruiters may get a better sense of who you are and what you can offer.


Network Your Way To a New Position

Follow or subscribe to an individual with influence in your profession. Grab their attention by retweeting or liking their comments.  Make yourself stand out to successful individuals by including their hashtags (#) in your post.


Dedicate Time to Following Up

Make sure you set aside time daily to follow up on the various platforms. Never retweet without perusing the content first.


Stay Focused

Be uniform across the board with your profile. Carry the same name throughout your postings, resumes and business cards.


Follow Company Rules

Make sure to check with the company that confidential information is not posted. Identify your status within the company on any posting.  Always check before you post.


For more information or to read the entire article, please refer to Money magazine, September 2015 issue.


New Features!

January 21, 2016 by

We here at the Job Resources blog wanted to take this time to let you know about some of the great new features we have added to our site recently.  We get suggestions all the time and we are always on the lookout for great new resources we can offer you, these two new features, we think, will really enhance your visit to the site.

First of all we added a Cost of Living Calculator.  With this tool you are able to compare the cost of living with up to 4 cities side-by-side as well as with the national mean.  You can find out what you need to make at your new job in your new place to maintain an equitable lifestyle as well as find out what you can expect to make in your new job compared to other cities.  You also get expert population breakdowns of age, income, gender and nationality.  All the information on this site is designed to make your transition to a new job and new city as smooth as possible.

Another new feature on our site is an old feature on one of our sister sites.  Due to a reorganization of the InfoLinks page here at the PPLS, we now offer access to the Employment and Job Search areas from their old page.  Some of this may be old hat to our Job Resources veterans but some of you will be finding the information there for the first time.  Access to databases such as the Learning Express Library and Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center as well as links to federal, state and local job search resources and even tutorials on resume and interview techniques makes this page your one-stop shop for finding and getting that new job.

These links are located on the right-hand side of the screen and we hope you take advantage of them and ALL our resources to go out there and be successful!