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Tyler Technologies

July 30, 2014 by

Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies, a Plano-based software company, plans to add 45 positions in its Plano office in the second half of 2014.

Tyler Technologies is the largest software company in the nation that focuses solely on providing integrated software and technology services to the public sector—cities, counties, states and school districts. The company has won a contract with the State of Texas to transition filing documents for all civil court cases to an electronic filing system.  Thus the need for an increase in staff.

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Go to www.tylertech.com to learn more about the company.

Sammons Small Business Center

July 26, 2014 by


The Sammons Small Business Center has just opened on the fifth floor of the downtown Dallas Public Library.  Their mission is to support entrepreneurs seeking to create small businesses in the City of Dallas and surrounding areas.  To further this mission, the Center offers “a physical space including computers, software applications and database tools to help you write your business plan, research who your competitors are, analyze the demographics of various site locations and better know your target customers”

Software specifically designed to support business development includes;

  • BusinessPlan Pro – Aids in creation of a business plan
  • Marketing and Sales Pro – Aids in creating a basic marketing plan
  • DemographicsNow Database – Generates detailed consumer, business and demographic information down to the Census tract block level.

Click here for more information about the Sammons Small Business Center.

You do not need to have a Dallas library card to use the Sammon Small Business Center.  The databases, software and services are available in the library for non-cardholders and cardholders alike.

The Sammon Business Center will also offer hands-on classes and presentations on business development.  Subscribe for updates here.