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All About Cover Letters

July 27, 2015 by


In today’s job market you spend a lot more time hearing about and agonizing over creating the perfect resume than you do it’s not so revered counterpart – the cover letter. Cover letters help give an applicant a forum to share a little about themselves and what qualities make them a great candidate for employment. Cover letters also give the employer a glimpse into how effectively a job candidate is able to communicate. Thus, they can be a very important component when applying for jobs. Looking to write or improve a cover letter? Below are two recent articles published by U.S. News on the topic of cover letters:

What You Need to Know About Cover Letters – This article shares best modern practices for when to include and what to include on a cover letter.


8 Phrases That Are Killing Your Cover Letters – Just like with resumes, some terms are outdated or too commonly used and can be damaging your first impression with a prospective employer. Are you guilty of one (or more) of these cover letter faux pas? Read the article to find out.



Ten Unconventional Job Tips

July 19, 2015 by

We’ve all been there—endlessly scrolling through online job boards, sending our resumes in response, and never receiving a peep back.  There must be a better way, right?

Forbes staff writer Jacquelyn Smith offers some sound advice on how to get that interview.  It won’t be as easy or as quick as just clicking your resume to a job board, but it will be more effective in the long run.  Several of her tips involve narrowing your search to a particular company or two and finding someone inside those companies that you can talk to.

A condensed version:

  • Be vulnerable. Ask for advice.
  • Don’t limit yourself to “following your passion.”
  • Create your position.
  • Learn how to listen.
  • Start at the top and move down. This one is tricky.
  • Cultivate the hiring manager’s admin.
  • Don’t be too fast apply for a job you like. Research the company, reach out to someone who works there and ask for advice.

There’s more.  Read the article here and don’t skip the ending slide show of “9 Creative Ways Job Seekers Have Impressed Perspective Employers.”