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Increasing Your Visibility on LinkedIn

June 23, 2016 by

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LinkedIn is an extremely effective professional social media platform. Not only are a lot of job seekers using it, a majority of job recruiters and marketers are utilizing this site as well. How can you increase your visibility and stand out within the LinkedIn crowd?

Brian Shumway, the SEO (search engine optimization) Growth Manager at Indeed.com, wrote an article for LinkedIn that shares ways to make your LinkedIn profile more visible. Shumway provides a lot of good tips, but many of them stressed the importance of rich keywords and active involvement within LinkedIn. So what does that look like?

  • Use short, concise job descriptions that include rich keywords. If you are a SEO specialist, also include other variants of your job title, such as, search specialist, search engine optimization specialist, SEO strategist, digital marketing strategist, etc. This will help people find you that are searching for different titles of your same job.
  • Share content. Include blog posts and work projects into your profile with rich keywords to help make your profile more robust.
  • Add any certifications or titles in your name, not just in the body of your profile. LinkedIn gives more importance to people who do this.
  • Include any misspellings or legal name changes to help people find you.
  • Join groups and participate. There are over 200 groups in LinkedIn and you can join 50. Take the time to post questions and respond to others’ questions.

Shumway has a lot of good advice, so read the full article for more information. Good luck and have fun!

Veterans.gov for Employers and Job Seekers

June 20, 2016 by

A new resource for veterans re-entering the workforce was recently unveiled on the U.S. Department of Labor Blog. Veterans.gov is designed both for veterans seeking employment or starting a new business and for firms looking to hire veterans.

Here are some of the resources you’ll find in just a few clicks on Veterans.gov:

For Job Seekers:

  • Connect with one-on-one assistance in the nearly 2,500 American Job Centers located conveniently in communities around the country
  • Explore online job listings
  • Search career paths by industry, by similarity to military careers, or by keyword
  • Locate approved local training programs, colleges and universities
  • Find federal jobs as well as government career programs in sectors like agriculture, transportation, energy/utilities and homeland security
  • Learn how to start a business
For Employers:
  • Connect with our regional employer outreach specialists, who can share local resources for meeting your unique hiring needs
  • Post position descriptions and openings
  • Get a free hiring toolkit, “America’s Heroes at Work,” and other resources
  • Make a public commitment to hire veterans

If you are a veteran looking to change careers, enter the civilian job market, investigate education or training options, or start a new business, take time to visit Veterans.gov and explore the variety of resources available to you.