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The Muse

November 19, 2014 by

The Muse

There are a lot of job advice and/or search sites on the Internet, so coming across one that stands out is rare.  The Muse is such a one.  The Muse started out in 2011 as The Daily Muse, a news website and blog  originally targeting the 20-35 year old female demographic.  It’s now expanded to include all professionals and all ages.

The unique feature of The Muse is their company profile area, focusing on company culture.  They “offer behind-the-scenes” peeks of specific companies, including their own, complete with videos and employee interviews.  At the bottom of each profile is an “Open Jobs” link.

The whole website is devoted to finding a fit between employee and employer, and to “helping its users find careers they love and professional development they need.”  To that end, they offer a Resources page with free career guidance classes, such as How to Get a Job Using Social Media and Become a Networking Master, alongside the traditional resume and interviewing advice.

Another tool in your job search arsenal.


Job Search Seminar

November 14, 2014 by

Job Search Seminar!

Nov 15 10am–12pm Davis Library

Join us at Davis Library on November 15 at 10am and get tips on creating your resume and preparing for a successful interview.  Learn about our online Job Center that can help you research businesses, find a job online, improve your e-skills, and more!