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Career Assessment – A Place to Start

July 16, 2014 by

career assessment

Looking for a dream job that suits your particular talents and interests? Looking for a job and not sure where to begin? Whether you’re just looking for a starting point or your perfect job, an aptitude test, sometimes referred to as a career assessment test, can help guide you in the right direction and give you a bit of confidence when applying for a job you feel you’re particularly suited for. Career assessment tests help to identify an individual’s abilities, interests, skills, and more to help narrow down job categories that may particularly suit the test taker. Such tests come in a wide variety of forms, look at different aspects of suitability, and are free or at a cost. Here are a few free and easy to use options that if nothing else, might help focus your search or reinforce your confidence:


CareerOneStop.org – A great resource for any job seeker, this site also has a set of particularly easy to use free job assessment tools, including the Skills Profiler, Ability Profiler, Interest Profiler, Workplace Importance Locator, and Employability Checkup. Assessments are located under Explore Careers portion of the website. For better understanding of your results, careeronestop.org recommends having your results reviewed by school counselors at high school, colleges, universities, or trade and vocational schools. Affiliated, American Job Centers can also help interpret results.

Your Free Career Test – Perhaps not the most scientific or rigorously tested assessment, but this free and simple student-friendly career test is especially suited for teens who are trying to identify an area of interest at college and associated careers. The test is very quick, taking only about three minutes and consisting of approximately fifty questions. The test told me I was a 75% match to be a librarian, so I found it simple and effective. Try it out yourself!

University of Missouri’s Career Interests Game Sponsored by the University of Missouri, this assessment offers a more fun approach to helping you determine where to start as you start down your career path. The assessment focuses on personality traits and helps categorize a person according to six different personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Explore the six personalities and their different strengths and weaknesses. Each category then lists typical characteristics, skills, and interests that are often associated with its members. Many individuals will find themselves split between two or even three categories.

In depth and fee based tests are also available from many career placement centers. They often take up to 4 hours and are then interpreted by a career professional. Consider these tests if you’re really at a crossroads.

The Work Buzz – Resumes in 2014

June 23, 2014 by

The Work Buzz

The Work Buzz is part of the CareerBuilder.com community, a website where you can find information about job searching, job opportunities, and trends in the workplace. It includes info on resumes and cover letters, job searching, who’s hiring this week, and networking, among other topics. Check out this entry on Resumes in 2014 and see if this website could be helpful to you.