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October 24, 2014 by

4 Holiday Job Search Tips

October 6, 2014 by


Many job seekers will find the availability of jobs increase during the winter holiday season. For many, this is a great time to gain some work experience and learn some new skills through a temporary or seasonal job. The following our 4 quick tips to help those seeking holiday employment this season:


1. Start Early

October may seem early to be thinking about the holiday season, but many employers are looking to have people hired and trained before the holiday rush begins. Jobs often go early and to those who get a jump on applications, so start today.

2. Freshen Your Resume

It’s always good to review your resume and make updates or changes based on newly acquired experience or skills or changes within the intended job market. Also, tweaking your resume to better reflect what seasonal employers are looking for can boost your chances of getting a job this season.

3. Be Flexible

Holiday employers are especially looking for applicants who are willing to work the all-too-common adjusted holiday hours or those applicants who are willing to work with a not so fixed schedule. Being clear in your application that you are willing to be flexible will definitely help get your application in the yes pile this holiday.

4. Be Sure to Network

This tip is always handy when searching for a job, but can be especially useful during the holiday season when employers recieve an overabundance of job applications. When inquiring at a business you are interested in working for, be sure to ask to speak to a hiring manager when possible and make an introduction. This way when the hiring mangaer is looking through the many applications later, your name, and resume in turn, will stand out.

Keep in mind that for many employers, this positions are often temporary. Some will keep a few of the exceptional hires on as permanent staff, so be sure to do a good job and make the most of the experience. If you’re lucky enough to get hired be sure to make a good impression as you’ll want to take a positive new reference away from it in addition to the new experience and skills.