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Tips to Gather Experience to Land Your Dream Job

September 21, 2016 by


Is lack of experience preventing you from landing the job of your dreams?  It’s an all to frequent cycle that occurs when companies hire only those with experience and leave hard working and smart applicants wanting.  Here are some helpful tips to gather the necessary experience to achieve your dream job.

  • Be specific on what you want to do; know your skill sets and talents. List those jobs that you’d like to have.
  • Be a volunteer. You can gain valuable experience and skills that will enhance your resume by volunteering and maybe interact with potential contacts as well.
  • Check out small companies and apply to them. Larger companies get more applicants and invariably they will select the one with more experience.  Smaller companies may allow you the opportunity for on the job training.
  • Use social media and network with friends and relatives. Let them know you are looking and ask if they are aware of any job opportunities in your field.
  • Don’t rely exclusively on HR. Complete all the necessary forms and reach out (if possible) to those who are making the hiring decisions.


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Basic Job Search Tips to Remember

September 12, 2016 by

Jenny Foss, a career strategist and recruiter who writes for themuse.com offers useful, but sometime forgotten, tips for job seekers. Here is a quick summary of the six tips:

  • Don’t limit yourself to online applications: Quality is as important as quantity. Be willing to make face-to-face contact with potential peers, recruiters, and individuals who can assist with or expedite the interview and hiring process. Don’t simply rely on electronic submissions; be active!
  • Make yourself a “smack-in-the-forehead” obvious fit: tailor your application so it speaks directly to the requirements of the job. Write resumes that are easily understood by both applicant tracking systems and Human Resources personnel. Keep applications simple and to the point.
  • Remember that your resume (and LinkedIn profile) is not a tattoo: Be willing to edit and modify your resume and online presence as needed. If you are currently employed and searching, understand and make use of privacy settings as needed.
  • Accept that you will never bore anyone into hiring you: Show your human side and be more than a series of bullet-points on a page, but do so within reason. As stated in the article, “…give yourself permission to be both polished and endearing.” Personal chemistry can be powerful.
  • If you’re not on LinkedIn, you very nearly don’t exist: Remember that, “more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool.” Be on the radar for recruiters looking for people with your skill set.
  • “Thank you” matters: Regardless of any other factors, always be polite and grateful for the opportunity to apply and interview. A small, personalized courtesy in the form of a “thank you” note or letter can make a lasting impression and could be the difference between a job offer or a continued job search.