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So You Didn’t Get That Promotion ?

July 28, 2016 by


Anyone who’s been turned down for a promotion knows the sting of rejection it creates. This is especially true when it comes from those who know you, as well as your work. Writer Alison Green discusses 5 ways to handle this in the article “What to Do When You Are Turned Down for a Promotion.”

• Don’t take it Personally-Most of the time it isn’t about your personality or your skill-set; it’s more likely that another individual simply is more qualified. Don’t let this affect your work; demonstrate your abilities with a graceful attitude.
• Meet with the hiring manager and ask for Feedback-Be open to constructive feedback on how you can be a stronger candidate for future opportunities. Let the manager know you are grateful for advice on how you can better your chances for promotion.
• Discuss your professional goals with your own Manager-Ask for ways to increase your visibility within the company. Take on new responsibilities that will enhance your job knowledge and show you are willing to take on new challenges.
• Look at your Situation-After meeting with those who have given you advice, evaluate yourself by asking what you have learned from those discussions. Do you have a clear understanding of why you were passed over and how you can better prepare yourself for future opportunities?
• Make a plan to get what you Want- Use the discussions to get a clear idea of how to go about getting that promotion. Also, be honest with yourself; sometimes it’s out of your hands and no matter what you do the realization of getting that coveted promotion just may not happen at your current position.
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Advice for Entrepreneurs

July 21, 2016 by


The Muse has some great articles to help entrepreneurs feel at ease when first starting a business. The resource covers everything from leaving an established career to start your own business to making your new business grow. Many of the articles focus on start-up companies or food companies, but there are plenty of general business advice for all entrepreneurs out there!

Here are some basic articles that will be helpful for any budding entrepreneur:

Help choosing a platform for your website

Ideas on obtaining funding

Rookie’s Guide to Starting a Business (pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3, and pt. 4)

Search the Plano Public Library System’s catalog for “entrepreneurship” or check out the 338 and 658 sections at your local library to find more in-depth information about starting your own business.