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Questions YOU Ask During the Interview

October 18, 2017

Sjoerd Gehring has written an article for the October 4, 2017 edition of The Muse and published in Business Insider that discusses questions the candidate asks of the employer. Aside from asking the typical ones like “when will I hear back from you?” or “what’s a normal day like?” he discusses 6 questions candidates ask that could really perk up the interviewers ears.  It’s entirely appropriate and encouraged to ask questions-you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.  So be smart and ask questions that will grab their attention and make a great impression.

Here’s a small sampling of the types of questions he’s been asked in interviews –

  • Why does this role matter to the company’s growth? This question can indicate to the employer that the candidate is interested in looking beyond the current situation and how he or she might fit into the company’s future plans. Will this be a high or a low profile position?  What will be expected of the individual who fills this role?
  • Is it possible to meet some of the people I’ll be working with? As the author suggests, cultural fit and team dynamics are important to the success of any company.  You want to be able to enjoy working with people you’ll be interacting with on a regular basis.
  • What do you like most about working here? This answer can be very indicative of how they truly feel about working at this company.  How they respond can be a great indicator of whether this position is a good fit for you.

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Salary Negotiation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

September 19, 2017






It’s a fact, everyone wants to be paid what they deserve.  But getting to the point where you are actually doing the negotiating can make you scared and anxious.  Jen Hubley Luckweldt, writing for, discusses 5 mistakes made when negotiating for more money and how to overcome the fear and anxiety associated with it.


Mistake # 1-Not negotiating to begin with

Are anxiety and fear about negotiation causing you to lose money that may have otherwise been yours?    Many people are uncomfortable with negotiating for a higher salary while some are afraid of being perceived as pushy or, possibly, losing their job.  Do not let fear keep you from getting a salary increase.  Push through it – 75 % of those who do receive some sort of pay increase.

Mistake # 2-Asking only for what you need

Your salary or hourly wage is based on data – whatever the job market will allow.  Do your homework.  Remember, you have to negotiate for what you can command for the position.  Make your case for why you should get that.  Check out the PayScale Salary Survey to see where your skills put you in the marketplace.

Mistake # 3-Forgetting about bias

Women negotiate just as often as men but are judged more harshly and studies have shown they are not as likely to get a raise. Unfortunately, the social cost is much greater for women than men when it comes to negotiating for a higher salary .  Tips for women negotiators are included in the online article.

Mistake # 4-Not understanding the company culture

Avoid this pitfall by making sure you understand how salary negotiation is handled within the company and industry.  Being professional and understanding the standards within the organization are essential to the person doing the negotiating.

Mistake # 5-Lack of planning

Make sure you have a plan for negotiating and use data and research to back it up.  Be flexible and keep in mind that there are other things you can negotiate for besides salary.  Vacation time and working from home are also perks that can benefit your lifestyle.  Be open to other options if their budget doesn’t fit in with your request.

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