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Helpful Certifications for today’s job market.

July 26, 2017


Certifications prove to your employers your expertise and skill sets that you bring to your position. Many managers look to these certifications to check on the experience of the candidate. Although Certifications require months of studying and may cost a few hundred dollars, it is a faster and more economical way to highlight your skills.

Here is a brief rundown of the four top certifications that may help you move forward in your industry:

QuickBooks Certification is one of the top accounting certifications. There are two online exams. Both require extensive training and practice. It proves your commitment to the profession and makes it more appealing to the employer to hire you.

Google Analytics Certification teaches people how to evaluate website performance. This certification is ideal for people in marketing who would like to expand their skill set or change career paths.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States Department of Labor enforces safety standards within companies. Certifications in OSHA can expand your job prospects because of your knowledge on Compliance and Safety Standards.

CompTIA+ Technician Certification is a good way to break into the Technology field when you do not have a formal education in Computer Science. One can become a Support specialist or Help desk Technician. In addition, this certification can help you move up the career ladder with more on the job training.

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Five skills to succeed getting that coveted job!

June 1, 2017


The May 16, 2017 article by Paula S Wallace has some awesome advice for fresh graduates looking for Jobs.

Say YES!  to the job when it has been offered to you by a company. Although you want to start your own business, be patient. When the time is right, you can assimilate and practice the skills you have learnt at the corporate firm in your future company.

Another key ingredient is to bring your enthusiasm to your new job. Bringing new ideas to the table, staying a little late and demonstrating your zeal for the job are a few pointers that will make you shine.

Always be prepared, whether you get the job or not. When you are confident and are able to deliver a convincing portfolio at your interview or meeting, it is a sure fire way of securing your progression in the company.

Tasks are time sensitive. As a new hire, make sure to be on target and show them how capable you are during your probationary period. As the company has hired you, they want to make sure that you do well by them.

Finally, going to that alumni cocktail party is not a bad thing at all. Building a strong network is an awesome way to land that perfect job.

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