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Google Your Next Job, Improved

July 5, 2017

Your favorite search engine wants to help you locate your next job.

Instead of visiting separate job listing sites every day such as Monster, CareerBuilder, or Glassdoor, just enter a job title in the Google search bar with the word “jobs” and see the consolidated results near the top:

"your title here" jobs

Clicking on the “100+ more jobs” link takes you to a familiar email-style interface, except that each item is a different job listing:

More job listings
Each detailed listing has a link to view the original posting on the site where Google found it:

Detailed job listing

If you are logged into your Google account, you can turn on alerts for the type of jobs you’re looking for:

Turn on an alert for this job search

Now you have another tool to help speed up the process of looking at web results that are tailored to you.  Read more about how Google is making job hunting easier here.

Cool Careers without College

May 9, 2017

Cool Careers

As graduation season begins, the celebrations and end-of-school parties are so fun, and great distractions from this steadily looming reality: you are not sure if a four-year college program will be right for you.

What other opportunities are out there? Can I have a good career without a university degree?  Check out this series of books “Cool Careers without College.”

Each book covers a different passion you may have that could lead to a satisfying career.  Topics include fashion, photography, sports, video gaming, and more.  Each field of interest is tied to a list of possible job titles, a discussion of necessary skills and training, and the job outlook for that industry.

These books are a great starting point for new job hunters to home in on the possible choices in each area of interest, but they could also be used by experienced workers looking to change career fields to align more closely with their interests.

If you are searching for not just a job, but a job to love, try these resources.  Ask for these and other job exploration resources at your nearest library.