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Job-Hunting Made Easier With Apps

April 6, 2017

Apps for Job-Hunting make it easier to look for jobs day or night. Alerts from these Apps keep you posted when new job opportunities arise and, your resume goes to the hiring personnel almost immediately.

While Monster and CareerBuilder are a couple of the more popular apps, there are others that are free and worth looking into. Here are a few which are growing in popularity:

Facebook Jobs: Facebook’s known for connecting with friends. However, its Job Board helps one find a posting that may land you a job. When you apply on Facebook, the information goes to the employer as a Facebook message.

LinkedIn Job Search: The app for Job Hunters on LinkedIn is LinkedIn Job Search. It connects you with companies based on the experience listed on your LinkedIn profile. While the basic LinkedIn Job Search is free, there is a monthly fee of $24.99 for a premium subscription. This subscription bumps you to the top of recruiter lists as a featured applicant.

Glassdoor: This app searches through millions of listings to find potential jobs for you based on locale, salary and job title. You can apply directly from the device. It is a standout tool for researching a potential employer.

Indeed Job Search: This app gathers job listings based on your settings into one location for your perusal. This app helps you to find openings in towns nearby, based on your location.

Snagajob: It specializes in connecting you with hourly employment. Click on links by City and you will find by-the-hour opportunities in those cities. Local hourly jobs take center stage on this app.

JobR: Monster scooped up this app. It works like a dating app. Once your resume has been uploaded and potential jobs land on your screen, you can swipe to the left to delete or move along and swipe to the right to apply.

Ziprecuiter Job Search: is a platform where small businesses can post jobs. It started small but now has about a 100 job boards. You are able to bookmark jobs that interest you and apply to them later.

LinkUp: This app posts only jobs that are on company websites. This gives you the access to jobs that may still be under the radar.

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Options for a Better Job

March 9, 2017

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2017 appears to be the year for those who want a new job or a promotion. According to the March 2017 issue of Money magazine, the job market is hot right now with some 40% of U.S. employees actively hunting or soon will be. With more competition in this hot market, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart from the rest of the field. Authors Kristen Bahler and Martha C. White have written the playbook in detail on how to achieve this in the article “How to Get a Better Job Now.” This is a two-part article which explores everything from making the most of social media to how to make your case for a raise or promotion.

Part 1 discusses details for those who want to change jobs. The first task in this process is deciding what’s important to you. Doing an honest assessment of prioritizing your skills and desires are key to these decisions. More details on how to achieve this and many more important skills are included in this section.

Part 2 is focused on making your way up the corporate ladder. Prominently featured in this section is advice on getting a salary increase. Also included are specific websites that can help you determine your worth in this undertaking.

This article is chock full of helpful information on how to make the leap to a new job or improve the situation in your current position.
To read the full article, please refer to the March 2017 issue of Money magazine or online here.