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Job Strategy – Are You Off Message and Off Target?

August 14, 2017

Today’s career world is a buyers’ market, and employers can afford to be picky with who they interview and how they fill positions. Conducting your career search “off target” and “off message” can cost you valuable time during your earning years and sometimes lead to frustration in your career search. A recent article at offers some suggestions to keep you on target and on message. Here’s a sample of the advice:

  • Target your intended audience – Be active in how you focus your search: don’t send resumes to every potential employer; send resumes to the employers that make sense for your goals and skill set.
  • Determine why you stand out – What specific skills or abilities can you offer to an employer that other applicants can’t? What differentiates your resume and interview from all the others? Can you fill a niche? What part of your work history might scare off potential employers and how can you manage these potential negatives?
  • Draw in your audience – Prime conversations by posing questions that are answered by your skill set and tell employers why your hiring is essential to success.
  • Show your personality – You aren’t just a list of bullet points and employment history, so let employers see that!  Give your resume life and explain how your experiences and skills fit with their goals.

Planning a career search begins with knowing what you offer and how you can fit with a potential employer. Stand out from the crowd by honing your message and focusing on the opportunities that make sense for you.

Keeping Your Job Search Under the Radar

August 4, 2017

If you find yourself in the situation where you are currently employed but you are looking for a new job with another company, you do not need to broadcast to your coworkers or your boss that you are exploring your options. Whether you need more financial compensation, a change of pace or new challenges, or a job closer to home, there are ways to explore your career options without creating any potential friction with your supervisors or teammates and without worrying about your job security.

The most important thing to remember is to be discreet. Keep your search to yourself at work and wait to tell your workplace friends that you are leaving until you have accepted a job somewhere else. Be aware of who can see your LinkedIn and social media profiles and be mindful about sharing updates about your job search.

Before you begin your search for a new job, review these helpful tips to keep your job search under the radar: