Cover Letter Tips

You are considering applying for a new job and one of the first things you have to address is one of the hardest; writing your cover letter. You want to write something that sets you apart and makes you stand out from all the other applicants. After all, you are selling the most important part-yourself. Danielle Wiener-Bronner provides some tips to help you work through this essential part of your job search.

-Read the job posting carefully.  Craft your cover letter to those traits the employer most cares about. Highlight those areas that pertain to both the job description as well as your strengths.
-Quality rather than quantity.  Present yourself in a good light by finding out the hiring manager’s name and address it to him. He or she will appreciate the added touch of keeping it non-generic.
-Tell about your achievements.  Decide what matters to the employers and let them know how it relates with you and what you’ve accomplished. Most importantly, keep it succinct. Don’t repeat what is already in your resume.

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Post Author: Maggi Rice