Re-entering the Workforce After a Long Break

Getting back to work after a break in your career can be quite daunting.  Here are a few tips that may help you with your job search:

Research roles and companies as they are continually evolving. They may have changed over the period that you have been off from work. Updating one’s resume is another good thing to do. Many times we feel that we have not done anything while we were on a break from work.  However, try to include projects, volunteer work, or classes you have taken during that time on your resume. Another important tip is Network, Network and Network! Make sure to go to events within your industry. The website suggests sites like Meetup or Eventbrite for such events. The website also gives tips for navigating networking events. Also make sure that your family and friends are in the loop about your intentions to enter the workforce again. Last but not least, keep abreast of all the changes that are taking place in your industry. Read relevant books, articles, videos, blogs, and other industry-relevant resources.

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Post Author: Chaya Kumar