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April 2, 2017 by

Rather than point you to a new skills resources in this, my first post on this blog, I want to direct you to a line of thought I’ve seen from a number of “business thinkers” over the years. It’s a line of thought that can really benefit you in any job, and thus in your long-term career. Understanding this during a job search might also be of great value.

That concept is simple — building Trust (yes – with a capitol T!).

In his blog post today, “Nickels and dimes are worth less than that“, marketing guru Seth Godin writes…

The real asset you’re building is trust.

And even though it’s tempting to cut a corner here and there to boost profit per interaction, the real cost is huge.

No one will say anything, no one will put up a fuss, until one day, they’re gone. Those extra few dollars you made with some fancy footwork have now cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost value.

The opposite is clearly true: invest a nickel or a dime every chance you get, and the trust you earn pays for itself a hundred times over.

While Seth is talking about marketing to customers, the same principle can easily be extended to coworkers and bosses.

Leadership writer Simon Sinek has been writing and speaking about this, in various forms, for many years now, and goes into detail about how leaders (and anyone) establishes trust with others, saying that the “cost of leadership is self-interest”. If you are interested in this topic, you might check out the Plano Public Library System’s holding of Sinek’s books.

I will leave you with this video of Simon Sinek speaking on this topic.

Thanks for reading!

Moving on up with Lynda.com

March 28, 2017 by

We’ve talked about Lynda.com Learning Paths before. Not only do these learning paths help you learn skills to start a new career, but they can help you gain skills to move up within your current job. From the Lynda.com homepage, click on the Library tab, hover over Business from the drop down menu and click on the “See All” button under the Learning Paths heading. Become more proficient in different Microsoft Office software and gain important leadership/management skills. Once you complete a learning path, you’ll get a certificate which you can include in the continuing education part of your resume to show off all your hard work. You can also learn specialized software to get ahead in your job by searching for the name of the software plus “essential training” – for example, Photoshop Essential Training or Google Analytics Essential Training. All of this knowledge is FREE with your Plano Public Library card. Just make sure you access this database from library homepage. Here are a few recommended courses:

  • Become a Project Manager
  • Improve your Presentation Skills
  • Managing Change
  • Master In-Demand Professional Soft Skills

Happy learning!