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Five skills to succeed getting that coveted job!

June 1, 2017 by


The May 16, 2017 article by Paula S Wallace has some awesome advice for fresh graduates looking for Jobs.

Say YES!  to the job when it has been offered to you by a company. Although you want to start your own business, be patient. When the time is right, you can assimilate and practice the skills you have learnt at the corporate firm in your future company.

Another key ingredient is to bring your enthusiasm to your new job. Bringing new ideas to the table, staying a little late and demonstrating your zeal for the job are a few pointers that will make you shine.

Always be prepared, whether you get the job or not. When you are confident and are able to deliver a convincing portfolio at your interview or meeting, it is a sure fire way of securing your progression in the company.

Tasks are time sensitive. As a new hire, make sure to be on target and show them how capable you are during your probationary period. As the company has hired you, they want to make sure that you do well by them.

Finally, going to that alumni cocktail party is not a bad thing at all. Building a strong network is an awesome way to land that perfect job.

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Career Services through Tutor.com

May 23, 2017 by

Many students use tutor.com to help them with homework and test prep, but did you know that the same database can be used for job search help? Tutor.com offers a multitude of ways to help you with your job search.

First create a free account. Then on the top menu bar, you can submit your resume or cover letter to receive feedback within 24 hours. Make sure to include the job description for the job you are applying to so that tutor.com has a good idea of the qualifications/objectives the company specifically wants and the vocabulary being used. The SkillsCenter Resource Library is located at the bottom left corner of the website’s homepage. Click on the last link, “View Career Resources”, to access job openings, career assessment, interview tips, and job search information/tips. There are even some video tutorials from Lynda.com. A career coach is available from 2pm to 11pm to answer your questions in real time.

The three areas to access job search help are highlighted below: