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Top 100 Places to Work: 2017 Edition

November 21, 2017 by

Finding the ideal company to work for just got even easier! The Dallas Morning News recently unveiled the 9th annual Top 100 Places to Work in the metroplex.

The list is divided by company size and businesses are ranked based on a variety of factors. By clicking on the company’s name, you will open a company profile that offers information about the company itself and highlights why the company made the list of the best places to work. If you want to explore employment opportunities with the company, the company’s website or contact information is listed on each profile.

To access the list online, click here: Top 100 Places to Work.

To follow-up or not to follow up?

November 15, 2017 by

Looking for a job is stressful. Many applicants question whether to follow up or not after applying for a position. Careerbuilder.com suggests some strategies to figure out the best way to do that.

  • Many employers have an automated system that will send a reply as soon as you have applied for a position. If you have not heard back within 24 hours of submission, it is worth calling in to find out the status of your application.
  • Following up on an application is one of the easiest ways to show prospective employers your interest in the job position. Sometimes tracking can be a good thing; however, be cautious to not seem desperate or inconsiderate.
  • It is always a good idea to send a thank you note or email to your interviewers.
  • A graceful follow up letter even when turned down can show your interest in the company and will keep your name on the hiring manager’s mind. It could pay off later down the line.

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