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Stuck in a Career Rut?

February 10, 2017 by


Ashley Stahl’s blog post – Get Unstuck: Three Ways To Get Out Of A Career Rut, in the Huffington Post, suggests way to move forward to a more rewarding career.
We are evolving constantly while we are in college. We learn many new things, ace exams and accomplish our ultimate goal – graduation.
Then the journey in the next phase of our life begins – work. We work with the same people every day and seem to be stuck in this place for a year or two with no changes to our titles or salaries. Statistics indicate that only 18% of employed millennials stay with their current role for more than a year.
Life is continually changing and flowing; businesses and careers change along with it. But sometimes we get stuck in a certain mindset or concept of how things should be. It just takes a little nudge of small changes that help us deviate from our current situation.
This can be accomplished by interacting with someone who thinks differently than you. It could be a mentor, coach or just someone who is in a different field. Alternatively, it could be someone who is more qualified or less qualified than you. Building a professional support system is one of the best things you can do to get out of this rut.
A few points to remember while going through this process is to know the difference between a mentor and a sponsor. A mentor gives you more inspirational support while a sponsor is the one who will guide you to take the necessary actions that convert into tangible results. Another thought to keep in mind is to connect with people who professionally inspire you. Cold networking creates many opportunities. Learning and growing from conversations with people from outside your own circle is one of the best ways to jumpstart your career.

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Learn How to Become

January 31, 2017 by

Learn How to Become is a robust online resource to help you learn about a plethora of careers. The website offers more than just a quick summary and outlook. You can:

  • Find out median salaries by state or how much a graphic designer in Dallas makes compared to a graphic designer in Houston.
  • See which cities and states have the most growth for a career.
  • Get a step by step plan of how to get start a specific career and a breakdown of skills obtained through each degree plan option.
  • Compare related career fields and find a college program that fits your needs.
  • The Resource Center offers a ton of job advice such as interview & resume tips, creating a marketable LinkedIn profile, and advice on making a career change after 50.

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