Resume tips for the college graduate


Have you recently graduated college or will be soon? It is time to think about what to include (and not to include) on your resume to make you stand out amongst the thousands of other recent graduates vying for the same entry-level position. Because these are generally entry-level positions once you graduate college, stick with limiting your resumes at one page. Jacquelyn Smith and Skye Gould of Business Insider take a deeper look into the perfect resume for a recent college graduate with these eight tips:

  1. It includes a link to your professional profile: This can include LinkedIn or an online portfolio depending on your field. You can create shorter link URLs by using or to make the link more appealing.
  2. The professional summary is simple: don’t throw in buzzwords and fluff up the summary.
  3. Your GPA is listed: if you made a 3.0 or above, include your GPA; if your major GPA is better than your overall GPA use that instead.
  4. College information only: high school is long gone, employers only want to know what you have recently been achieving.
  5. Course work is left out: unless you have not taken advantage of internships or other activities, the course work is implied based on your degree. If you need to include course work, stick to higher-level courses instead of intro classes.
  6. Don’t use pronouns: Leave off “I,” “he,” and “she” when describing general job tasks and projects.
  7. Use action verbs to describe your roles and responsibilities: This harks back to #6, e.g. “Surveyed community members for the annual newsletter,” “Designed branding suite,” or “Received $54,849 in grant funding for educational programs.”
  8. Leave off references: Do not put “References available upon request” on your resume – typically if you are going to be hired by the company they will ask for references then or it is included in the application process.

Additional Resources

Still in college? Drop by a career counselor or attend one of their many workshops and events! Counselors are available to help you find jobs, internships, and often provide classes on resume building and interviewing. Here are a few around DFW:

Collin College Career Services
Dallas County Community College Career Planning and Job Search Services
Richland Community College Career Services
Tarrant County College Career Services
University of North Texas Career Center
University of Texas at Dallas Career Center

Not sure where to start in the job search process? Davis Library is facilitating a Job Search Seminar on Saturday, November 12 at 10 a.m. Get tips on creating your resume and preparing for a successful interview. Learn about our online Job Center that will help you research businesses, find a job online, improve your e-skills, and more.

Post Author: Rachel Yzaguirre