Don’t Let Fear Prevent You from Making a Career Path Change

Change is scary and it requires lots of energy and effort.  You need to have smart strategies that will keep you on task and prevent the “excuses” from creeping into your psyche that may sabotage your efforts.  The Muse article by Scott Anthony Barlow, “Changing Careers Is Scary, But This Advice Will Get You Past the Fear” addresses your concerns head on with sound and encouraging guidance.   You can achieve success in your endeavor by utilizing the two following strategies:


  • Advance preparation-Mitigate fear by allowing yourself to realize all the reasons you need to do this. Figure out what scares you about it and write it down. Make it visible so you see it on a daily basis and reaffirm to yourself that this is a must-do.
  • Get outside support-No one wants to go it alone on a life altering change. Enlist support from family and friends to reaffirm your decision and provide help along the way.  It takes courage to walk through this transition period, and any help you receive will supply you with an extra boost of confidence.


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Post Author: Maggi Rice