Read Your Way to Success

Are you looking for inspiration during your job search? Are you trying to reach the next level in your current career? Consider reading a book from the list below that features titles that may help you on your mission. Titles are available for borrowing from Plano Public Library using your library card.

  • The New Rules of Work: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career by Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew (2017)
    How do you navigate in a world where careers are not always linear, networking involves the digital world as well as face-to-face connections, and you can be in the driver’s seat of determining how far you want to go? This book is great for anyone looking for a job, interested in advancing, shifting careers, or anything in the between. Learn how to wade through thousands of job postings, communicate effectively from an interview to working with a team, manage up, and move ahead. Click here for a catalog search for The New Rules of Work.
  • Boost Your Career: How to Make an Impact, Get Recognized, and Build the Career You Want by Sander Flaum and Mechele Flaum (2017)
    Executives, entrepreneurs, and industry rookies share stories and tips to help you learn to identify opportunities, overcome hurdles, and successfully lead projects or teams. Click here for a catalog search for Boost Your Career.
  • The Leadership Mind Switch: Rethinking How We Lead in the New World of Work by D.A. Benton and Kylie Ford-Wright (2017)
    Even if you are not a manager, you can be a leader. Benton & Ford-Wright delve into the principles of leadership and provide practical tools to help you become a better leader regardless of your title at work. Click here for a catalog search for The Leadership Mind Switch.

Want more books the help you on your mission? Click on a topic below to search the library’s catalog for related books.

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Post Author: Brie Walsh