Exploring Careers with the Texas Workforce Commission

Looking for a job can be a difficult task, especially when you’re unsure of the direction you’d like your career to take. The Texas Workforce Commission has tried to make the process easier by compiling a number of resources to help plan your career and make career-related decisions.

  • Texas Career Check: Explore career opportunities and find specific information on employment in Texas such as the fastest growing jobs, training requirements, and average salaries. The Interest Profiler matches your interests and likes to relevant occupations.
  • Reality Check Tool: Calculate your personal cost of living and see which careers make enough to cover those needs.
  • My Skills My Future: Explore career options based on skills you have used in current or previous jobs. Compare careers, find training, and search for jobs.
  • Texas Work Prep: Helps job seekers by teaching how to prepare for the job hunt, how to be successful at work, and how to deal with losing a job.

The Texas Workforce Commission also provides specific services for Veterans, including matching military experience to civilian occupations. Once you’ve determined what career path you’d like to take, there are tools for finding education opportunities, occupational or vocational training, as well as state and federal job postings. Together, these tools provide anyone looking for a new career with the information they need to take the next steps.

Post Author: Sarah O'Pella