Coding Bootcamp-Is It Right for You ?

Are you ready to get out of your current dead end job and into a tech career that provides you with flexibility and potential?  If you have ever considered coding as a means to do this, you may want to consider the option of bypassing the traditional way of obtaining coding skills (which could mean months or years to get your degree) and opting for a coding boot-camp.

This option is not for everyone but if you have the ability to immerse yourself into one of these regimens, you could be on your way to an entry level-coding job.  Before you make the move however, as Scott Morris and Sarah Ransohoff discusses in the article “4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling in a Coding Boot-camp”, you need to be honest with yourself and understand if it’s right for you.  She breaks this down into the following main questions:

  • Learning Style-Is the boot-camp style right for you? This is an intense program which will require you’re complete and undivided attention.  The reality is this is a grueling format that may be overwhelming and not for everyone.  Try to be honest with how you learn best; perhaps you might be better suited to an on-line or more traditional learning format.
  • Affordability-Bottom line, boot-camps are expensive. Take a thorough look at your finances before you decide.  Even though scholarships are available, you still need to consider that you will have living expenses and you won’t be generating income during this period.
  • Tech Basics-Hopefully, before you immerse yourself in the intense program, you’ll have had some exposure to the basic coding concepts. Don’t use the boot-camp regimen as a break-in period to decide whether this is a good fit.   You will hit the ground running in this format and there won’t be a lot of let up.
  • Expectations-What do you want to get out of a coding boot-camp? You should have a general idea of what you want to accomplish before you make a commitment to this format.  It’s too expensive to treat as a spur of the moment decision.

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Post Author: Maggi Rice