Ace Your Job Interview

“Tell me about yourself.”

Isn’t that the worst interview question? How are you supposed to answer? Interviewing for a job can be nerve-wracking and frustrating. Between the sweaty palms and shaky knees, you can become a little stress-ball of emotions. One way to ease this discomfort is to prepare for the questions ahead of time. But how do you do this if you don’t know the questions? Next Day Job Interview by Michael Farr and What to Say in Every Job Interview by Carole Martin can help you prepare for any job interview without having to memorize a long list of questions and answers. These two books are not asking you to answer questions “correctly”, they are asking you to focus on the factors of the job and help yourself and the interviewer determine if you are a good fit for it.

Next Day Job Interview by Michael Farr starts by having you summarize your skills, experience, and education. You then take that information and apply it using the Three Step Process for answering any interview question. This might sound complicated but it is not. Farr’s program will apply to any interview you go on and will help you focus your answers on your accomplishments rather than generic “correct” answers to questions.

What to Say in Every Job Interview by Carole Martin takes a similar approach to Farr’s. Martin doesn’t think there are right and wrong answers, just better and worse answers. Like Farr, Martin has you summarize your skills and prepare your stories. She wants you to understand the five categories of interview questions and be able to answer them using your skills and stories. This approach applies to all interviews you will do.

These books rebuff the typical interview book approach of a plethora of questions and answers. These books help you answer questions using your experiences, skills, and stories.  If you follow the guidelines, you will give the interviewer a better picture of who you are and you will see if you are a good fit for the job.


Post Author: Jennifer Strange