PPL Spotlight: Small Business Reference Center

Small Business Planning

Plano Public Library offers access to many online and print resources that can connect individuals, job-seekers, employees, and business owners with the tools they need to find work, improve their skills, and reach the next step in their career or business. This Plano Public Library Spotlight features an online resource focusing on small businesses.

Do you have a start-up idea and are not sure where to get started? Do you have a small business or want to start one? Take advantage of the resources provided in the Small Business Resource Center by using your Plano Public Library card. What can you do? Some popular tools include:

  • The Start-Up Kit & Business Plans section contains helpful forms, sample business plans & how-to guides on writing a business plan, forecasts, and more.
  • The Business Basics section contains information about starting a business from home, improving your work performance, hiring and managing employees, and marketing your business.
  • The Business Areas or Industry Information by Small Business Type sections feature articles and industry information broken down by business type that can be used in market research.
  • The Small Business Reference Center also includes popular chapters from the NOLO guides to everything from writing a business plan, working with independent contractors, tax information, marketing without advertising, and more.

Explore the Small Business Resource Center and get started on your new ventures today!

Post Author: Brie Walsh