Removing Your Graduation Year From Your Resume

The job market can be a tough and competitive place, especially for older job seekers. While age discrimination is prohibited by federal law, many companies are hesitant to hire applicants who are 40 and over. Although your age isn’t on your resume, there is one key piece of information that could give away your age: the year you graduated college or high school.

CNBC recently published an article titled “This is the Age When You Should Remove Your Graduation Year from Your Resume” that gives some great advice for job seekers. Author Ruth Umoh spoke with several career coaches and consultants who all came to the same consensus.

According to the experts, your graduation year should be removed from your resume between the ages of 40-50 or when you’ve accumulated 10 to 15 years of relevant work experience. This will focus your resume on your accomplishments and proven track record instead of your age.

This advice is also good for people just out of school. Many companies can be uncertain to hire younger people for a number of reasons, including they fear they won’t be with the company for long or do not have the experience to be successful in the job.

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Post Author: Sarah O'Pella