Performance Review Time

More and more, companies are relying on their employees to write a self-review of their accomplishments or areas where they need improvement or growth. This can be a nerve wracking experience for anyone to document to their employer.  Fortunately, there is help for anyone who is going through this and needs guidance on how to accomplish this task.  Alyse Kalish has written about this topic for The Muse which also includes a template to assist you.

In her article, Ms. Kalish discusses what the self-review is, why it is done and how it will benefit the employee. Basically, the self-review is an opportunity for the employee to look back at the previous year, and make an honest assessment of their growth or where they need extra help.  This allows the individual and management to address any concerns that may be needed.  Tracking their development can bring into focus the career path for the employee.  Also, listing your accomplishments and goals is a benefit to both the employee and management.

You can read more in this article at the following link:


In addition, database, available through Plano Public Library at no charge when you use your Plano library card, has Performance Review Fundamentals (link).   Also, How to Write a Performance Review (link) is available as an e-book through Overdrive.  Both will help you navigate through the performance self-review process.

Post Author: Maggi Rice