Don’t Stalk the Admissions Officer!

Don’t Stalk the Admissions Officer: How to Survive the College Admissions Process Without Losing Your Mind by Risa Lewak.

Risa Lewak is a former admissions officer and recruiter.  She leads workshops to help prospective college students and their parents minimize the stress of the application process.  Using humor and helpful advice from teens and teachers, this handy guide reassures students that they are not defined by where they ultimately go to college.  One of the key elements of book is the overlooked benefits of starting out in community college: lower costs, closer location, smaller classes, less pressure, and easier transition.  This is especially true for high school graduates that are still uncertain about what they want to student in college.  Some of the other chapters include tips on writing the application essay, taking the college tour, financing, and the option of taking a gap year between high school and college. Finally, she stresses the importance of being truly genuine about your activities, interests, and keeping a healthy perspective and attitude towards the application process.*&query=&page=0&searchid=1

Post Author: Peter Jackson