PPL Spotlight: Infobase

Grab your Plano Public Library card and get ready to discover Infobase, a source that offers access to variety of databases, research, and tools focusing on four key areas: Careers & Education, History, Geography & Culture, and Science & Mathematics.

Visit Infobase’s Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center to explore industries & careers, plan your education, and launch your career.

Plan Your Education

  • Explore college planning with suggested timelines, tips for selecting a school or major, and more
  • Find a school for undergraduate or graduate programs, nursing, or vocational and technical certifications
  • Connect with financial aid by major or other qualifications

Launch Your Career

  • Get tips for drafting your resume and cover letter and how to stand out in an interview
  • Sharpen your career skills
  • Career advice for individuals from every background
  • Learn more about internships and apprenticeships

Explore Industries & Careers

  • Read information about different industries and careers to find the right fit for you
  • Watch Q&A videos with professionals from different careers
  • Take a Career Assessment that can help identify your strengths and perspective
  • Research the fastest growing, highest paying, and most in-demand jobs

After you explore Infobase, you can find a complete list of Plano Public Library online resources by visiting the library’s website and clicking on Learn. Go to the Research & Learn page to see a list of online resources sorted alphabetically by title.

Post Author: Brie Walsh