Be a Mentor – Help Another While Helping Your Career

It’s Thanksgiving, the season of sharing.  What better way to share your knowledge and help your own career than by becoming a mentor to another?

In The Muse article, “3 (Selfish) Career-Boosting Reasons You Should Become a Mentor Today”, Jo Eismont discusses the ways in which not only the mentee can benefit from mentoring, but the mentor can as well. Mentoring has become one of the most useful and sought after ways to move your career forward both monetarily and through advancement in the work place.

The author discusses how this is achieved in the following ways:

By Making You a Better Leader

Certain skills that contribute to leadership such as working with people, being open-minded, asking questions and even coaching can be used and improved upon when you mentor.

Increasing Your Company Knowledge

Knowledge is power and the more you know and interact within and without your department, the more knowledge is gained about how the departments interact. This will give you a broader perspective and insight to other areas that you may not be familiar with and can make you a more valuable employee.

You’ll Feel Better

Devoting time and knowledge to another individual is probably one of the most rewarding benefits you can gain by mentoring.  Watching the realization of their goals is in its own way a very satisfying experience, and won’t go unnoticed by upper management.

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Additionally, has this succinct video describing the many facets that mentorship can take.

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Post Author: Maggi Rice