Unusual Scholarships

Are you struggling to find money for college and think that loans are the only way to go? Don’t give up just yet. You never know what kind of unusual scholarship you may find.  Think about everything that you like or are interested in because there just might be a scholarship for it. You might even have a better chance at receiving one of these scholarships because they often don’t have as many applicants.

You probably already know about the Duck Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest but there are many more unusual and just plain weird scholarships. Maybe you’re not into duct tape but you are into ducks. Try the Duck Calling Contest and receive a $2000 prize. If you like to play Magic: The Gathering you should apply for the $5000 scholarship from Gamers Helping Gamers. Are you a Trekkie? A Starfleet scholarship might help you reach your far-flung goals. Like asparagus? Yes, there’s a scholarship for you with the National Grocers Association! My favorite has to be the Pink Boots Society scholarships for women in the beer industry.

Some of the deadlines are fast approaching but other deadlines are not until March or April so you still have time to apply for your fall semester.

Just make sure the sites and programs you use are legitimate. Find out who the organization is and what their standing is with the Better Business Bureau. I strongly recommend you read through the FinAid.org site’s advice on how to avoid scams before applying for any scholarships. And be aware that even if the site is legitimate, it might not be a program you qualify for. For example, if you live in Texas, the dosomething.org voter registration scholarship might not be possible for you because people in Texas cannot register to vote online.

There are many ways to pay for college, and scholarships are a great option. Try to think beyond the usual scholarships and you might find yourself the winner of the Drone Pilot Ground School Scholarship.

And don’t forget, the library has a lot of books and information about all kinds of scholarships including the book The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2019 by Gen and Kelly Tanabe available on Overdrive.

Tanabe, Gen S, and Kelly Y. Tanabe. The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2019: Billions of Dollars in Scholarships, Grants and Prizes, 2018. Click Here!

Post Author: Jennifer Strange