Early College Application: Pros and Cons

If you plan to apply for college this year, you may have considered applying early. But just what is involved with early application, and is it right for you?

In two recent articles, “Early college admissions by the numbers,” and “Early applications surge at prestigious colleges. So does early heartache,” The Washington Post addressed the growing trend of early applications, with some schools experiencing double-digit percentage increases year-on-year.

Deadlines for early application are in the fall, months before the standard application deadlines. Acceptances typically fall into two categories:

Early decision: Students are accepted and are required to attend the school, unless financial aid falls short.

Early action: Students are accepted, but may continue to apply to other schools through the spring.

In “The Early Edge,” (US News & World Report Best Colleges, 2019), author Courtney Rubin says that applying early “requires careful planning, but it can have its perks.” She also expands on the other options available to early applicants.

Whether or not you decide to apply early, early preparation will give you a headstart. Check out Plano Public Library’s extensive resources on college entry, including free practice tests, online courses and books.

Post Author: Jelita McLeod