The Value of Sending Thank-You Notes

While January is National Thank You Note Month, not everyone realizes the value of sending these personalized notes. Recently a study conducted by Amit Kumar and Nicholas Epley showed that writing the notes made the sender happier while overcoming the awkward initial feelings. Additionally, the benefits include building relationships, demonstrating communication skills, and showing gratitude.

People really remember getting a personalized note, which can help you stand out. You have the opportunity to send a thank-you note during key times of your career:

  • After a college interview;
  • For those who wrote you a college recommendation;
  • After receiving a gift;
  • After a job interview;
  • For a networking contact;
  • When a colleague helps you;
  • You feel gratitude.

Do you need help getting started? The career website The Muse has the perfect template to get you started.

Also, check out these library books with great ideas for writing your note.

How to Say It, Third Edition: Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs for Every Situation

By Rosalie Maggio

Great Personal Letters for Busy People: 501 Ready-to-Use Letters for Every Occasion

By Dianna Booher

365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life

By John Kralik

Post Author: Esther Garcia