Paying for College


There’s no getting around it-it’s expensive to go to college.  Navigating the types of financial aid available can be a daunting task for anyone.  Plano Public Library in partnership with Bank of America, is presenting the program Paying for College on February 18, 2019 at 6:30 at Davis Library.

Plano Public Library provides resources, free of charge with your Plano library card, to books as well as databases to assist you along your journey to understanding the ins and outs of paying for college.  One excellent resource for obtaining information is the College Blue Book.  It has an edition dedicated to providing information to obtaining aid in the form of scholarships, grants and loans.  Another very good resource is The Princeton Review-Paying for College Without Going Broke by Kalman A. Chany.  Short and long term strategies, state aid and even filling out forms are topics discussed in this guide.   These are just two of the print resources available to the public to gather information on college financial aid.   The library catalog is an invaluable resource in searching and locating materials and is available through the Plano Public Library

Another method of obtaining information is through Plano Public Library databases.  Again, these are free to the public with a Plano library card.  Learning Express is one of the databases which provides information to finding scholarships.  A user name and password is needed to log in.  Another excellent one is Credo, a comprehensive database to start any search for information you are looking for, including college financial aid.

The following link will provide additional information for obtaining financial aid:

For more information, please refer to the Plano Public Library Spring brochure (p.20).

Additionally, the path below will lead you to access the databases mentioned above.

Plano Library website > Learn > Research & Learn > Learning Express

Plano Library website > Learn > Research & Learn > Credo


Post Author: Maggi Rice