Mapping Out a Career Path


It’s never too late to find the career of your dreams!

The Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center (FCGC) is a database filled with current articles and information about various career industries, the right paths to make it to those industries and the practical skills needed to attain the job itself.

First, the Industries and Careers section provides information about specific careers such as what the job entails, the average salary and an outlook on how that particular industry is projected to perform in the future.  There are also resources provided specific to those industries such as professional journals and associations.

The next section titled Plan Your Education provides information on how to choose a suitable institution to pursue any chosen career path.  This section provides information on the schools themselves to help you find out if that school provides a program of study that aligns with your career goals.

Finally under the Launch Your Career section, practical information is provided for everything you need from writing a winning resume to beneficial job interview tips.

Take a look at this fantastic resource here and start working towards your new dream job today!

Post Author: Courtney Lloyd