Financial Literacy: Investing

While a great deal of financial literacy is targeted towards the importance of saving money and living below your means, another important aspect of financial literacy deals with properly investing monies.  There are so few classes hosted on investing money but ample information offered through Plano Public Libraries databases that can thoroughly teach anyone interested.

Morning Star: Investment Research Center offers an abundant amount of information not only on stocks and company trends but includes a Help & Education section for those with minimal or no knowledge on investing.  There are separate curriculums on stocks, funds, portfolios and bonds.  New investors can start with basics such as how to set realistic investing goals, to being provided with strategy guides to improve personal finances.  Please visit our Morningstar database here and check out the Help & Education link here to learn more.

Learning Express Library also offers a course called Investing for Life.  This interactive course teaches saving and the importance of investing.  Please visit our Learning Express Library database here for the investing course.

Finally offers various courses on different types of investment options such as small businesses and even real estate.  Remember, with a Plano Library Card these databases and courses are free and can be viewed anytime.  Please visit our courses here.

Generally financial literacy programs primarily focus on the importance of saving, while important this alone will not lead to financial freedom. Investing is often a neglected component of financial literacy.  Saving money is only the beginning, the next step is learning how to invest and making your money work for you!

Post Author: Courtney Lloyd