Internship Awareness Month

April is Internship Awareness Month!

While it’s too late to apply for the Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship program this year, let’s explore some of the benefits of internships both in high school and college.


Internships help you network

“According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University report, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking.” –Washington Post Networking by attending large trade shows and passing out business cards doesn’t really work – but making real connections to people within your chosen industry does. An internship in the field you’re interested in is a great way to meet people and show off your skills. Make sure you treat the internship just like any job. The people you interact with will remember if you were eager to learn and help out or if you spent your time scrolling on your phone.


Internships narrow down career paths

“…Internships as a great way to know how it is to work in a field full-time. Therefore, you can have some interest in an internship and want to try it out, and not necessarily want to work in this field.” – Internships are a low-pressure way to try out a field. Maybe you’re interested in going into Event Planning, but find out midway through an Internship that your interest truly lies in Sales or another related field. Now you’re ready to focus in on what you know interests you – and what you’re good at.


Internships get you used to the working world

“Internships allow you to test out specific techniques learned in the classroom before entering the working world. It’s an opportunity to apply what you have learned in a safe environment where mistakes are expected – rather than learn the hard way in your first job out of college.” –Fremont College  Internships are a great way to compare and contrast what you learned in the classroom setting and the techniques used in the office – not everything carries over exactly, so an internship is a great bridge from one world to the next.


Learn more about internships by checking out these resources through the Plano Public Library!


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Post Author: Rachel Mailman