Answering the Interview Question-“How Do You Prioritize Your Work”

When you are faced with this question during an important interview, how do you answer it?  Many employers are interested in knowing how a potential employee manages his workload.  It’s a fair question and important to understand how time management is handled and if the difference between important and urgent tasks is understood.  Theresa Merrill, a Muse career coach, gives specific methods of responding to this question using 3 key elements.

  1. Explain how you map out your day-whether you use lists or spreadsheets, it’s important to be specific as to how you get your work done without someone looking over your shoulder.  Be as detailed as possible and show your organization skills.
  2. Show how you approach shifting priorities-change is inevitable and you must be able to multi-task when asked to take on a last minute project by your boss. Understanding your company’s priorities (and goals) and how to best accomplish them is key.
  3. Explain how you manage a healthy work-life balance-show that you are able to manage a heavy workload by working efficiently. Managers are looking to see if you are able to determine what needs to get done and how to do it in the most effective manner.

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Post Author: Maggi Rice