About This Site

Need help with finding Job Information?

Here you will find advice on how to write a resume and cover letter, search for jobs, find the right career for you, and much more! There is also information about local job fairs, networking and how to cope with unemployment.

Our staff has searched for the best resources to help you succeed and get the job that you want.  We will also provide regular blog posts about current issues facing employment and job-related topics. Let Plano Public Library Job Center help you with the tools to make job searching an easier process.

Need help with getting all your information for College?

Whether you are starting searching for the right college or you are working on improving your SAT scores, through our website you will find all the library and trusted online sources that will help you.

And keep an eye on our blog posts. They will feature news and current issues facing college students in all phases of their life.

Ways to use your Library Card

Did you know that having a library card with the Plano Public Library can help you with your career, job search, or student endeavors. So sign up for your Plano Library card today!

  1. Use a library computer to apply for a job, fill out forms, and do research…
  2. and free Wi-Fi for your laptop or mobile device…
  3. and a computer scanner to share documents.
  4. Launch your future: Get free assistance with job searches, resume writing, and interview tips
  5. …or become an entrepreneur. Learn how to write a business plan.
  6. Get ready for the SAT with online test-prep services.
  7. Learn how to manage your money or pay for college with books.
  8. Book a meeting room for your community organization.
  9. Develop and print your prototype with our 3D printer.
  10. Learn a new language with books, cds, or DVDs.
  11. Explore e-books and e-magazines
  12. and streaming video
  13. and online learning with Lynda.com.
  14. Research using premium library databases.
  15. Request an appointment with a librarian for one-on-one help.
  16. Or just find a quiet spot to read or work.

Many more ways that Plano Public Library is more than just books.

This list is adapted from a much longer article from ilovelibraries.